IPL Hair Removal--How Does it Work?

IPL Hair Removal--How Does it Work?

If Hair Removal Is A Struggle For You, And You Need A Long-lasting Treatment, Then An Ipl Hair Removal Device Is An Ideal Painless Option. Here’s Your Ultimate Guide To Ipl How It Works!

2020 did a number on all of us. With perpetual lockdowns and salons either working with restricted hours or closed for weeks on end--it’s been months since we have been able to pencil in a waxing appointment, and tbh and our bikini line and legs are the proof. Obviously, hair removal is a personal choice and not for everyone, but for those of us who prefer going bare, now is the perfect time to invest in an at-home IPL hair remover.

Want to learn the ins and outs of how it works? Buckle in for your crash course on at-home IPL hair removal!

What is IPL hair removal?

IPL  stands for intense pulsed light. It works by delivering flashes of light to the skin, which are immediately absorbed by the dark pigment (melanin) in each hair shaft. These bursts of light travel down to the hair and cause damage to the bulb so that the hair can’t regrow as easily.

Are laser hair removal and IPL the same thing?

Nope. At-home laser hair removal devices don’t exist, for very good safety reasons. Laser hair removal is a very intense, professional procedure not an option to do at home. Laser uses a more concentrated light on a more targeted area to achieve permanent results. An IPL device emits several light beams to cover a larger area and needs to be repeated a few times, as the follicle becomes dormant instead of permanently removed. 

What type of skin can use an IPL hair removal device?

While many skin and hair tones can benefit from use of an IPL device, they tend to work best for people whose hair and skin contrast in color. If you are very light-skinned and have light blonde hair, or have very dark skin with dark hair IPL might not be the number one choice for you. People with light to medium skin and dark hair are most suited to IPL.


What does IPL feel like?

Well, for starters, IPL devices don’t hurt! They do create a warm sensation and a quick stinging sensation on the area you have treated as the flash happens and for a little while afterwards.

How do you use an at-home IPL device?

To use our IPL hair remover, it’s important to place the device directly over the area you want to treat, in full contact with your skin. Depending on the area your treating, the amount of time spent will vary. If you’re treating a small area such as the upper lip, you’ll just need a few pulses to get the job done. Legs, on the other hand, will require a few passes.

How long does an IPL treatment take to complete?

It takes about a minute to treat your underarms. Leg hair removal should take about 10 minutes, and the bikini line should be about 10 minutes as well!

We recommend that you do one session every few weeks to start. After you start noticing results, it’s best to cut back to just once a month. You’ll start to see hair gradually beginning to fall out after the first session, but the rate differs depending on age, hair color, and the hair growth stage.

Where can I use my IPL device?

Good news! You can use our IPL device all over your gorgeous body, from the legs and arms, to the stomach, bikin line, and even face!

Can men use IPL?

Of course they can! Our IPL hair remover can be used by literally anyone, but keep in mind that male hair is usually a bit thicker, so men might need a few more sessions to see results.

Is IPL hair removal a permanent solution?

IPL can reduce the rate at which your hair grows back, but you won’t be hair-free forever. While it isn’t a permanent solution, it is effective and a pain-free alternative to waxing or shaving!

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